Appesat Week 2

June 15, 2011

Day one of week 2 passed much like the previous 7. It seems that this is too easy and I feel I should be doing more that just popping pills before a meal.

Half way through pack number two and I am beginning to realise that taking 9 tablets per day is quite an expensive habit. My meals are about 2 third the size they used to be, I skip pudding now most of the time and my snacking has stopped completely so I am recouping some of my investment in Appesat by saving money on food.

I have joined the 12 week diet plan on the Appesat website this week which record your food intake, eating habits, and any mood changes (I haven’t noticed any of these – maybe I should ask my husband)

Weight: 15st 10lbs

Weight lost: 2lbs 🙂




Appesat Week 1

June 8, 2011

A triple pack of Appesat arrived in the post and I decided I may as well start at once. On the pack it recommends that you take 3 tablets 30 mins before each meal. The next meal was lunch so I took the pills and felt a little bit ill. I could barely eat two sandwiches before I felt like eating no more, I usually have four and a little bit of cake to follow. I didn’t know if this was because I was feeling queezy or if it was Appesat doing it job, or even if I was supposed to feel ill. I felt full for the rest of the day – past the time I would usually eat dinner.

Since then my initial impression of Appesat is that it is far more powerful than I thought it would be. This week I have been eating a lot less than normal – around half as much! The ill feeling I had on the first day has all but gone and I am feeling very positive about these pills.

My weight remains the same but I am sure that within the next few weeks I am going to see the pounds drop off.

Weight: 15st 12lbs